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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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BIM solutions to harness your building information from design to decommissioning

Groupe FIT helps land developers, architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, and industrialists make the best out of BIM technologies for improved collaboration workflow, clash-free designing, detailing and scheduling, accurate estimation of material take-off, and hassle free hand-over to maintenance teams. Groupe FIT tailors solutions to your technical requirements as well as to your financial and time constraints. Such solutions include:

  • Short-term introductory training to BIM technologies (3 to 7 days) 
  • Advanced training in BIM modeling and applications in AEC projects (2 to 4 weeks) 
  • Audit and technical assistance to BIM-enable your internal workflows
  • Secondment of our BIM managers and/or technicians into your projects
  • Generation of BIM models from your 2D CAD structural, architectural and technical drawings ("CAD to BIM") 
  • 3D laser scanning of your existing facilities and generation of BIM models from 3D point clouds ("Scan to BIM")
  • Production of your as-built BIM models from your paper redline drawings  
  • Cleanup and upgrade of your BIM models in a Facility Management (FM) friendly format. 

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Metrological solutions to enforce your dimensional tolerances and produce your as-builts in no time 

The construction of architecturally and mechanically complex structures requires a strict compliance with geometric standards and consequently, the best industry practices in dimensional metrology. Groupe FIT has had over 15 years of experience in helping contractors mitigate the risk of delays and reworks resulting from out-of-tolerance construction, structural deformation and failure to deliver as-builts on time. Services offered by Groupe FIT include:

  • Set up your survey control monuments 
  • Fast geometric control of your works 
  • Fast production of your as-built information 
  • Automatic guidance of your earthmoving machines
  • Precision positioning and deformation monitoring

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Geolocation solutions to optimize the performance of your project resources

Reducing wastage of project resources, tracking labor and equipment idle time, better managing the construction material supply chain, improving collaborativeness of project teams and increasing manpower productivity are constant challenges faced by construction managers all around the world. To meet such expectations, Groupe FIT has developped innovative, intuitive and cost-effective solutions marrying the geolocation power and user-friendliness of GIS technologies with the versality of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). 

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