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Sunday, January 21, 2018



Geolocate your workforce, assets and documents for improved performance

Reducing wastage of project resources, tracking labor and equipment idle time, better managing the construction material supply chain, improving collaborativeness of project teams and increasing manpower productivity are constant challenges faced by construction managers all around the world. To meet such expectations, Groupe FIT has developped innovative, intuitive and cost-effective solutions marrying the geolocation power and user-friendliness of GIS technologies with the versality of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). The results are powerful and simple tools to automatically:

  • detect and delineate the areas impacted by the latest CAD revisions as well as by the constant flow of contractual documents (eg. technical queries, request for inspection, notice of non compliance, etc.)

  • record the time and attendance of the construction workforce using geo-fencing technologies for simplifying the issuance of error-free payroll

  • track and report usage of construction equipment - eg. graders, dozers, excavator, cranes, trucks - for reducing idle time and optimizing resources

  • Asssist material expeditors with GIS-enabled workflow management tools to ensure that material procurement remains under control.

  • Assist construction managers with GIS-enabled workflow management tools to expedite the clearance of snaglist items

Groupe FIT understands that each construction project is different and has therefore developed generic tools that can be configured and customized to mach the expectations of any construction project whatever its size and location.





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