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Enforce your dimensional tolerances and produce your as-builts in no time

The construction of architecturally and mechanically complex structures requires a strict compliance with geometric standards and consequently, the best industry practices in dimensional metrology. Groupe FIT has had over 15 years of experience in helping contractors mitigate the risk of delays and reworks resulting from out-of-tolerance construction, structural deformation and failure to deliver as-builts on time. Services offered by Groupe FIT include:


1. Fast geometric control and as-builts production 

Real-time dimensional control and production of as-builts at job site are of critical importance to avoid rework and delays in handing over the facilities. Yet, these tasks and their associated benefits are often overlooked by contractors as they are perceived as time-consuming and are not balanced against the risks of rework and delay.

Groupe FIT's solutions for dimensional control and as-built production are based upon an in-depth assessment of your project's very own peculiarities and complexity. Our solutions are thoroughly discussed with you to uniquely address your technical, time and cost requirements. The ultimate goal is to deploy fit-for-purpose solutions that are capable to record the actual dimensions and tolerances achieved at jobsite in an exhaustive manner and can early detect and alert construction managers about dimensional non-conformities, making it easier to mitigate the risk of rework and delays in handing over the facilities.

Groupe FIT solutions build upon a wide range of cutting-edge data acquisiton techniques which, used separately or in combination, can meet the most stringent requirements:

  • Total station-based survey
  • GPS-based survey (static and dynamic)
  • Terrestrial 3D laser scanning (static and dynamic)
  • Airborne 3D laser scanning (aircraft and UAV)
  • Subsea 3D laser scanning (ROV)
  • Terrestrial photogrammetry and videogrammetry
  • Airborne photogrammetry and videogrammetry
  • Subsea photogrammetry and videogrammetry
  • Pavement profile scanning
  • If required, Groupe FIT can also review, redraw and integrate your redline drawings into your final as-builts.

2. Automatic guidance of earthworks

Groupe FIT's automatic guidance solutions aims at speeding up earthworks and reducing redundancy of survey personel, while reducing the risk of errors and rework. Our solution are based on differential GPS receivers embarked on graders, dozers, or excavators and user-friendly guiding devices controlled by the operator himself. The guiding system determines the machine's current position and compares it with a desired design surface. The difference is then displayed inside the machine cab allowing the operator to easily determine what action is required to create the intended design on the ground.

3. Precision positioning and deformation monitoring 

Some special civil, architectural and industrial structures require to be built, positioned or monitored with a sub-centimetric (< 1 cm) to sub-millimetric (< 1mm) accuracy, which is out of reach of traditional surveyors. Considering the safety risk and the financial risk involved in such sensitive cases, a growing number of contractors and facility managers are entrusting Groupe FIT with the sensitive mission to provide extremely accurate positioning servives and deformation monitoring services that meet the requirements of the most challenging projects.

Groupe FIT know-how includes the positioning of neutron absorbing control rods in French nuclear plants, the alignment of large scale accelerators, turbines and rolling mills, as well as the fit-up of massive prefabricated decks in cable stayed bridge. In such projects, any sub-millimetric out-of-tolerance positioning may result in seriously adverse financial consequences and delays.

Throughout the structure life cycle, Groupe FIT also offers tailored solutions to monitor and analyse deformations of such engineered structures as dams, bridges, tunnel, and steel assemblies. Accurate dimensional surveillance of such structures makes it possible to early detect cracks, deflection, twist or misalignment and therefore plan preventive maintenance actions rather than face costly remedy actions later on.





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