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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Our vision


Meet the information challenge

Information - either technical, logistical, contractual, or financial - lies at the heart of every AEC project. Mismanagement of such information may put the lives of people at risk, results in unnecessarily delays, and may turn a profitable project into a financial fiasco.As projects are becoming architecturally more complex and technologically smarter, information management is moving to the heart of chanllenges faced by construction projects: 

  • Today's information technologies make it possible for architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, and third parties to generate an incresingly complex volume of digital information that requires robust integration and coordination tools to avoid inconsistencies and loss of information.
  • Latest survey and metrological instrumentation is nowadays acquiring data with unprecedented speed and accuracy, which, in turn, provide construction companies and industrialists with new means for early detecting non-conformances and generating as-builts in quasi real-time.
  • Adding geolocalisation functionalities to traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) is unlocking new opportunities for managing construction project assets and documentation with unrivalled performance.

For more than a decade now, Groupe FIT has been addressing these challenges within its daily business practices to give its clients a head start in all their projects



Our fit-for-purpose solutions

Improving collaborativeness of operations' teams, optimizing the utilization of company resources, avoiding errors, reworks and delays, increasing manpower productivity are constant challenges faced by construction and facility managers all around the world. Groupe FIT fully understands these challenges and tailors fit-for-purpose addressing your specific needs and supporting your efforts to: 

  • Harness your building information from design to decommissioning (BIM solutions)
  • Enforce your dimensional tolerances and generate exhaustive as-builts in no time (Metrology)
  • Optimize your project performance through improved management of project assets and documents (Geolocation)

Groupe FIT relies on the complementary expertise of its affiliated companies all over the world to design and implement the most cost and time effective solutions that fit your project environment. Groupe FIT can all together, or separately, offer:  

  • Advisory and consulting services,
  • Data acquisition,
  • Data modeling and/or processing,
  • System integration and/or maintenance,
  • Training services


Increase your performance

Our solutions have been acclaimed by our clients for saving time, increasing productivity and eventually augmenting profit as a result of:

  • Reduced time in locating the right and most updated information
  • Early detection of non-compliances and clashes and significant decrease of reworks
  • Automatic tracking and warning of changes that occur in your project design
  • Improved collaborativeness and information flow among the various operations' teams
  • Reduced errors and omissions in budgeting project and procuring material
  • Reduced wastage of project ressources such as construction equipment
  • Reduced costs related to time-keeping and payroll generation

and much more...





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